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About Our Tours

Small Boutique Tours of Italy and Canada 

A tour to Italy or Canada should be an unforgettable and rewarding experience. It is important to take the time to slow down and take in each town and city you visit. Our tours have been designed to ensure you have a personalised experience, from the boutique hotels to the transportation and the places we visit, you’re treated as a VIP and not just a number like many of the larger tour operators. 

Over the 10 years since CarolinaSusi Tours was first launched, Australian based owners and small group tour specialists Carrol Helander and Sue Clarke have travelled extensively through Italy and more recently Canada to discover those things that aren’t in the tour guide books. It all started with a dream of finding the real Italy that often people miss. 

“We soon discovered that around every corner there is something truly exciting to discover. Some of these discoveries have been from our own research and some were moments we simply stumbled across during our travels. Even more special are the travel experiences that have been shared by our local friends. A great privilege because they don’t part with their secrets easily."

It would be impossible to see Italy in this way in a large organised group tour. Being part of a very small group provides access to places unreachable by large tour buses. 

We have also travelled to Canada, Carrol’s country of origin looking to discover much more than the typical tourist attractions. As well as those already well-known to Carrol from many years of travel in her home country, our local Canadian friends have introduced us to their special places not mentioned in the traditional guide books. This is Canada uncovered, it is Canada discovered through the eyes of locals. 

From our early beginnings touring Tuscany and Umbria, we have expanded and developed our unique style of small group tours into the Veneto and Lakes region and Sicily. More recently we were captivated by the extraordinary Italian Food and Wine regions of Emilia-Romagna and Le Marche and as a result we now include these gastronomic regions as part of our small group tours. 

Carrol’s passion for golf holidays and Sue’s passion for all things Italian brought together our Italy golf tour.  Australian golf pro Richard Harris joins us to share his skills and love of golf. It’s a great way to sharpen up your golfing skills and see what Italy has to offer at the same time. 

Our unique, personally designed and meticulously researched itineraries are all inclusive. There are no unexpected additional costs. Travelling with us you won’t just see the well-trodden tourist paths; you’ll be welcomed into the world of the local people no matter which small tour you choose. We spend longer in the places we visit so you get to see and discover more and have the opportunity to self-explore the destinations too.

“We wanted to be able to offer our guests something over and above a cookie cutter group tour. We’ve developed fantastic relationships with small local family businesses in Italy and Canada. We love sharing our passion, telling stories, facilitating unexpected experiences and bringing to life the hidden treasures of Canada and Italy,” Carrol Helander.

“We have deliberately planned all the tours for the shoulder season in Italy and Canada to avoid the busy tourist crowds and long queues. We like to get off the well-trodden path and take our guests to the smaller towns where we can provide access to those special experiences which delight and surprise.” Sue Clarke.

Discover breathtaking new places and immerse yourself in exclusive experiences with CarolinaSusi Tours.

We accompany all our small group tours ensuring that your experience is personalised, authentic and unforgettable. We want you to experience the essence of each place, to immerse yourself into the Canadian and Italian way of life and be treated to exceptional travel experiences. The dedicated team of local experts who work with us on our small group tours includes highly experienced Italian and Canadian Tour Leaders and local guides.

There are so many reasons to travel to Italy and Canada with us; here are 15 reasons why our small group tours are the very best choice for your Italian and Canadian holiday experience.

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